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Agedebayaccount- Tips To Strengthen Your eBay Sales

Posted by Robert Williams on

Agedebayaccount- Tips To Strengthen Your eBay Sales
Cassini, a new eBay search algorithm launched in june 2013

eBay tightens its terms and conditions after the Cassini launched and it imposed severe restrictions on the ebay sellers.

Cassini is not at all against the eBay sellers it is designed to protect the ebay buyers and eBay sellers from scammers

It always works in the motto to provide a better customer experience and also with the match listings which and what a buyer searches for.

Due to the strict condition of cassini some eBay sellers suffered to low rank from their position in eBay listings

The main reason behind this trouble was Cassini like to give preferences for all the ebay account

It gives priority to the eBay account who maintains quality results rather than quantity.

It is about the buyer finding the perfect item.

eBay proverb to win each of the sellers in the eBay marketplace.

This makes eBay tighten its restriction more on the sellers and this reduce more selling that occurs from one particular seller

Let's start to talk about the ways on how to strengthen your ebay account for sale

Upload 8-12 Good Photos In Your eBay Listings

eBay Seller allowed to list totally 12 pictures free of charge in their eBay listings

If you have less number of photos in your eBay store that is ok but keep in mind that you have to upload at least 8-12 photos to boost your search.

Offers 30 Day Return Policy

eBay has a money back guarantee policy

It allows to add a 30-day or longer return policy to your eBay listings

Which in return it will boost your search.

More importantly, Cassini punishes the users who have returned policy listings less than 30 days.

Curate The eBay Listings- Titles Clearly

Try to write a clear description about your eBay listing in the space provided for the title.

Use the keywords in the title which is is relevant to your listings

Placing the right keywords in the title helps to boost your search

Don't Stuff Your Category

Try to avoid categories stuffing in your product listing

Never insert more than one item in one category.

Always place the individual items in the category where it belongs too

Complete All Items

Fill all the specific items in your items like color, brand, size, style, country of manufacture.

Use Markdown Manager

eBay stores have an unique feature called Markdown Manager.

Markdown manager helps the eBay Sellers to run their sales on entire categories or just on certain items.

Cycle improves once you start moving to the top, and sell the eBay items

This will reward your selling more.

Reset Your RSS Feed

Cassini, eBay's search engine algorithm gives the preference only for fresh content.

Always refresh your RSS feed inorder to get updates from cassini regularly

The update keeps your listings to appear higher in the search results.

Properly maintain Your Account

Cassini gives importance to healthy eBay accounts

Healthy eBay account includes positive feedback, top-rated status, detailed seller ratings, customer service and disputes history, communication, and shipping time.

Fast responding to the customers question will help you to improve the eBay sales on your eBay listing..

Regularly check your eBay Seller account Dashboard.

The eBay seller dashboard allows you to download a report showing the transactions with defects, with this you can easily address errors and take safety measures to avoid the same errors in the future.

List One Item Per Day

As said before Cassini loves fresh listings, so try to list atleast one new item per one day.

New listings appear on the top of the “eBay Newly Listed” search on eBay.

If you don't have to work daily on listing the items, then make use of scheduling feature, it helps to schedule your listing

Place A Same Day Dispatch Banner

Display banners let your products to move on call to action.

Placing the dispatch banner after product description will attract the eBay buyers attention

And this lets the eBay buyers have a hope on your product and this will bring them as soon as to place on the orders.

Use promoted listings
Promoted listings, also referred to as eBay sponsored products, eBay ads.

Generally, a vendor selling on eBay identifies the listings to promote and sets a preferred ad rate before launching the campaigns.

Promoted listings increase the visibility of items.

It is excellent for reducing long-sitting inventory and increasing sales.

Moreover it increases the exposure up to 30%.

And this rate is applicable only to the Top rated sellers.

Use Email Marketing

eBay offers a suite of email marketing features.

Using this feature you can email for the buyers in your listings when you launch new products, offers, special discounts.

Shooting the email to your buyers, you can grab the visibility of the interested buyers

eBay buyers also facilitate this feature to subscribe for the regular update.

eBay sellers offer to use the email design tools, by which the seller can create regular newsletters to promote their latest listings.

To attract more subscribers, you can add a sign-up box to your store


Hope you enjoy this blog, if you have any queries related to ebay sales and need tips to increase ebay sales then do contact with us at +1 480 637 7566 or chat with us in skype at admin@agedebayaccount.com or visit us at https://www.agedebayaccount.com/

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