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Benefits Of Multiple eBay Account In your Sales

Posted by Robert Williams on

Benefits Of Multiple eBay Account In your Sales

eBay officially declared each ebay sellers can own multiple eBay account for sale. And it will not punish the sellers who use multiple ebay sellers account in their trade, and this announcement benefits sellers in Number of ways.

But while using the multiple ebay account for sale,  the sellers have to keep with the policies on ebay.

Why sellers need Multiple eBay Account 

ebay sellers mostly use the US ebay account and UK ebay account - international accounts in all their sales.

To increase their sales all do the sellers use to open the separate US ebay account for sale and UK eBay account for sale to organize their listing more efficiently. 

For example, if seller want to sell specific item in US then he can take choice of listing item with the US eBay sellers account and if the seller want to sell specific item in UK then he can take choice of listing item with the UK eBay sellers account 

Sellers can easily track the ebay account for sale US and ebay account for sale UK  listings and can easily manage their profitability, and expenses.

Mainly the second ebay seller account will be safer for you at the time your first ebay account is suffering with ebay suspension/ restrictions.

This will help you to maintain your eBay's detailed seller ratings (DSRs), and eBay feedback score.ebay give preference whose account is loaded with eBay account feedback.

Before you start to open the multiple ebay sellers account, the sellers have to get thorough knowledge on the eBay terms and conditions.

Tip 1: Open your eBay account for sale with the identification of different individuals

Tip 2:  eBay's algorithm is good enough to link on the related accounts together, and if you find that your new eBay account is suspended with your old eBay account haven't been resolved. Then it will again get your new eBay account to get suspended. 

Tip 3: Cross-Referencing Isn't Permitted: Under eBay rules, sellers may not cross-reference their accounts in listings, meaning sellers may not promote one store using another account. 

Sellers may link to items or categories within the same store or on the same account.

Also having multiple account is not at all a remedy from ebay suspension, so once you notice ebay suspension, there don't try to open eBay account newly instead ry to analyse the reason for suspension and keep on it, not to repeat again

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