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Buy US ebay Account For Sale And High Your Business Sales

Posted by Robert Williams on

Buy US ebay Account For Sale And High Your Business Sales

eBay is a global ecommerce giant who connects millions of buyers and sellers all around the world. Are you the owner of an ebay sellers account and doing business on ebay with your US ebay account for sale then this blog is for you.

Here we state the benefits of aged US ebay sellers account for sale and how it differs from general US ebay sellers account?

What is a US eBay sellers account?

US eBay sellers account is nothing but the US eBay account which is open and used to sell on eBay for more than 1- 10 years or more. These accounts are matured with their age

To own a new US ebay sellers account the ebayers have to register properly on eBay platform.While at the time of registration the sellers are asked to provide more information to eBay. if any one of the information is missed then it being tough to verify US ebay sellers account.

After the input of your own identity, ebay used to store your information in its platform and verify your identity, and charge the Seller fees when you list or sell an item. 

What is an aged USeBay sellers account?

Aged US ebay sellers account differ from the newly opened US eBay sellers account.

It differs in the amount of US ebay account feedback  and the US ebay sellers account- detailed sellers rating.

Yes the aged US ebay sellers account available in the market is created at least before 1-10 years.

How does an aged US ebay seller account differ from a new US ebay seller account?

And the aged US ebay sellers account have no restriction to do bulk listings in their sale but the New US eBay sellers account are allowed to do only 10 items per listing selling limits with a total value of $500 per month

Old US ebay sellers account users don't have the waiting period of 90 days. Yes the new US eBay sellers account has a waiting time of 90 days to end up their verification time.

And the new US  ebay sellers account has the necessity to complete the 1000 dollars US sales inbetween the first 12 months, Once the sellers have reached the limits, there he will not be able to publish new items to your US eBay account.It is important to note that new sellers can only use bulk listing/editing tools after 90 days and after receiving at least 10 positive feedback ratings. 

This locks the new US ebay sellers account on not doing more listings, more sales, simultaneously sellers unable to get positive feedback from the buyers.

In this scenario every seller would like to search for a seller who sells the aged US ebay sellers account.

old US ebay sellers account designed to help you grow your business in a manageable way and ensure you can give your buyers the best service. 

Benefits of old US ebay sellers account:

Old US ebay sellers account- have the benefits of 

Bulk listing

Have high in Number of feedback scores

Have high DSR.- detailed sellers rating

eBay managed payment account feature integrated

Agedebayaccounts - Best place to buy US eBay account for sale

If you're new to ebay there you have to wait for at least 90 days to get the top rated US eBay seller account status. 

Most of the ebay sellers not have enough time to wait for their account matured and they would like to get instant top rated US ebay sellers account in their hand

If you are one among them then you are in the right website we agedebayaccounts offer you to buy top rated US ebay sellers account in your hand instantly.

How We  Achieve This To Buy Cheap eBay Account?

We offer eBay account for sale with 1000’s - 10000’s of eBay selling limits and US eBay account feedback where both are the important criterias fixed by eBay to increase the top rated US ebay sellers account status

If you want to buy US eBay account for sale from us, just order on our website, and our team will immediately contact you and deliver the aged US ebay account within one hour of your order.

We ensure that each of our old eBay account, old US ebay account, old UK ebay account, old PayPal account are created under the identities of individual personalities and all they are created under the prescribed eBay terms and conditions. 

This functionality secures your old eBay account for sale from eBay policy violations.

While you buy US eBay account for sale and buy UK ebay account packages from us, there you will get the free ebay stealth account guide which contains the instruction on how to do safe sales on eBay.

If need more details then visit us at  https://agedebayaccounts.com

 Or have a quick chat with us at whatsapp +1(480) 637-7566 or mail us at admin@agedebayaccounts.com

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