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Do Non Stop Sales In Dropshipping Business With eBay Stealth Account

Posted by Robert Williams on

Do Non Stop Sales In Dropshipping Business With eBay Stealth Account

Dropshipping business model Works on fulfillment method

It requires only dropshipping stores, where they can list their products for sale.

Like a traditional system it does not require a business to keep products in stock. 

Instead, dropshipping stores sell the product, and pass on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then takes care to ship the order to the customer.

Dropshipping On eBay

eBay is a highly attractive marketplace for many first-time sellers and small businesses.

eBay sellers can can find, bid on, and buy almost anything on its platform

Doing dropshipping business is now trending among the users.

In a short span of time, Dropshipping On eBay gathers a huge number of  audience, the reason is because it does not need upfront capital.

Comparing to the traditional store the dropshipping requires only less investment to list its products on eBay 

eBay dropshipping provides an excellent gateway to online retail for sellers.

And nowadays Dropshipping on eBay has become highly restricted and eBay tightens its policies on dropshippers, who sell on its platform.

Let's start to discuss more in detail

Open an eBay Seller account

Open an eBay seller account and get started with dropshipping.

Create an eBay store in that and start to list your dropshipping products.

Extra thing in this is you have to be ready to pay listing fees.

Depending on your targeted audience, choose the country and open the eBay seller account in that prospective country's eBay site.

Choose Your Products 

Do more research and decide what you want to sell on eBay.

Choose Your Dropshipping Supplier

After deciding, create an account as a retailer with the suppliers of your chosen products. 

Reach out to them and ask if they would dropship to your customers.

It’s important to also ensure the supplier is willing to attach a custom return label.

The label includes your business name and address to the package, so that your customers know that you have sent it to them.

List your items on eBay 

Upload professional images of the products, either from the supplier’s website or  if you have samples then take it by your own.

Write detailed product descriptions and optimize your listings for maximum search visibility. 

Contact Your Suppliers On Each Sale

Contact your supplier each time, when you make the sale and provide them your customers’ shipping information.

According to eBay policies, you're responsible for the safe delivery of the item within the time frame you stated in your listing.

If you feel it is difficult to find a wholesale supplier then  alternatively buy the products in bulk from the supplier and send the inventory off to a fulfillment service.

That service would then monitor the inventory, package and ship products on your behalf.

Shipping Management Software

Investing in shipping management software would help you to automate the  process in manner  and source the cheapest prices on shipping couriers too.

Here the business risk is considerably higher than traditional drop shipping because you are not sure that all the upfront products sell as per your expectation.


eBay Dropshipping Terms & Conditions

Before starting a dropship on eBay, you first need to understand what is allowed on ebay  and isn’t allowed.

It is required to pay listing fees for each of your products, even if they don’t sell, and guarantee delivery within 30 days. 

More important eBay’s dropshipping policy, you can’t purchase items from another retailer who ships directly to your customer.

eBay keeps customer satisfaction as high priority.

And incase if you break it then your eBay dropshipping account subjected to lower rating, loss of seller or buyer protection, buying or selling restriction and even it lead to huge damage of  dropshipping ebay account suspension

Dropshipping eBay Account Suspension

eBay suspension is the worst case when compared to lower ratings, ebay hold, eBay restriction.

In manner, which leads to serious consequences for your eBay business.

If once eBay suspend your account then you cannot be able to contact further your customers from listings 

All of sudden you lost all the contact and the business transaction history.

How eBay Stealth Account Safeguard Your Dropshipping eBay Account

eBay Stealth accounts act as a protection layer to the  eBay sellers. 

These accounts safeguard the eBay sales against the suspension and restriction..

Generally the eBay  stealth accounts are not linked under a single identity, and it is not held under the same IP address.

Hence ebay is not able to link these stealth accounts under any common user and this will help the sellers to sell again who have been suspended or limited by eBay and PayPal.

The eBay stealth accounts have no previous recorded data and any one in dropshipping business can have N number of ebay stealth accounts and do online sales.

 With the help of eBay stealth account, the dropshipper is not supposed to face eBay suspension.

In case if they suffered with suspension also they can easily reinstated their account with the ebay stealth account

These accounts as a bonus to the dropshipping eBay sellers to do non sale in their dropshipping business and make huge profits.

There are multiple eBay stealth account providers  in the marketplace and we agedebayaccounts.com is one among them

We sale our customers only verified and high limit eBay stealth account

We provide both the new eBay stealth account, aged ebay stealth account to our customers.

We target both the international selling marketplace of eBay US and UK and create unique US stealth account, aged US stealth account, aged UK stealth account, UK stealth account packages

Buy one of the package from us and do your non stop eBay sales without  eBay Suspension

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