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Ebay Launches Up & Running Grants Program To Uplift Small Businesses

Posted by Robert Williams on

Ebay Launches Up & Running Grants Program To Uplift Small Businesses

eBay partnered with Hello Alice and launched a Grant program which is the motto to uplift the small businesses, who are affected by Covid 19.

Throughout this whole year 2020 the pandemic diseases Covid-19 continues on , which will cause a drastic down flow in the marketplace of the small businesses. 

In this hard time eBay announced the launch of Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday which is a grants program .

The.main aim of this program is to bring small, individual retailers online and offer them useful resources, such as sales, marketing and in some cases financial support.

eBay Up & Running Grants program offers the fund of more than $500,000 in grant packages and education resources to help businesses stay up and running online and secure their future. 

They Going to offer 50 selected eBay business sellers a $10,000-value grant package. 

eBay sellers are invited to complete an online application to submit details of their business and how the grant could help them stay up and running or fund their growth plans. 

eBay business sellers will receive grant packages of $10,000, including cash, eBay credits, coaching through eBay Seller School, and more.

Applications open in the timeline from Nov 23 to Dec 11. Are you a ebay seller or already an existing seller? if you are the one!!!! 

dont miss this economic opportunity., just fill in the application and get empowered in your business.

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