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Get Instant Access On eBay Seller’s Feedback From Agedebayaccount

Posted by Robert Williams on

Get Instant Access On eBay Seller’s Feedback From Agedebayaccount

eBay calculates automatically the ebay seller feedback score based on the feedback submitted by the ebay buyers . 

In order to get the best sellers was the Power Seller status the seller has to acquire huge amount of positive feedback but getting positive feedback in less number of days is really a tedious process for the seller.

And we agedebayaccounts took it as a problem and provided the solution for the buyers who are struggling to increase the ebay feedback score with our old us ebay account and old UK ebay account packages.

eBay Feedback

Feedback is main task for the ebay sellers to get assessed and it is the core part which access to increase the ebay seller ratings 

Ebay positive feedback percentages influence a strong signal to buyers to make safe purchases from the sellers.

Sellers feel it is hard to maintain their seller performance  without getting positive feedback from the buyers.

ebay sellers feedback score is determined by your buyer’s experience and also their satisfaction with the product they purchased from you.

Ebay allows the buyers to write on the  feedback on any transaction that they’ve done with a seller within the duration limit of 60 days. 

The ebay seller feedback score calculated on three features:

  • Positive feedback it increase ebay seller rating by one
  • Neutral Feedback no more changes in the rating
  •  Negative Feedback: it decreases ebay sellers rating by one .

The buyers used to write feedback comments giving a short summary of how the transaction went.

Apart from this the ebay Seller ratings (also known as detailed seller ratings or DSRs), is also covered by the additional factors of 

  • Item description
  • Communication
  • Shipping time
  • shipping speed
  • dispatch time
  • handling charges
  • Refund policies 

If you want to maintain good seller ratings then buy ebay account with feedback

And try to avoid  negative feedback situations as much as  possible.

 If in case archived the negative feedback then remove it immediately

Which Place Is Best To Buy ebay Positive Feedbacks.

Agedebayaccounts retain as best seller in providing 1000’s of positive feedbacks to our customers. In our portal we provide good value for money.

As we know the situation for the ebay seller to go and beg for the reviews to the buyers only 20-3-% of the buyers interested to respond you for the feedback

Others will quit out of you as soon as the purchase is finished. If you repeatedly ask the buyers about feedback then sure they feel disturb on you and this brings a negative impact on you.

Where we launched the old us ebay account and the old Uk ebay account packages in our portal which will gain you more than thousands of positive feedbacks. 

Interesting, quite right just reach us at https://agedebayaccounts.com and buy us ebay account or  buy uk ebay account where both the ebay accounts hold 1000- 10000 feedback which makes you do bulk listing on ebay instantly.

All the old ebay accounts hold the positive feedback will be provided in between the 12 months period.

Aged ebay account value you more than your money and this make us, pride to say that we offer to buy cheap ebay accounts with feedback

We also have special offers to buy cheap us ebay account and to buy cheap UK ebay account which secure the ebay sellers account from suspension and also provide them 21 days hold free paypal account.

After buying the ebay accounts for sale from us you can start to do bulk number of ebay listing and simultaneously our feedback will work for you to increase the ebay selling feedback score which thrives more businesses into you.

We also offer you free promoted listings while you buy old ebay accounts for sale.

For more details and to increase your ebay feedback score instantly, reach us in whatsapp at +1 480 637 7566 and mail your requirements to us at admin@agedebayaccounts.com

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