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Got Banned From eBay? How To Get Back Into eBay Sales

Posted by Robert William on

Got Banned From eBay? How To Get Back Into eBay Sales

eBay account suspension/restriction is the worst scenario in the life of eBay sellers 

If eBay suspension happens to the ebay sellers account, it totally locks all their  sales, which means there is no business incoming, outgoing and  no cash flow.

In this blog we are going to discuss about the eBay suspension/restriction and how to get back in to eBay sales after its suspension

Reasons For The eBay Suspension?

eBay account suspension/restriction occurs mainly due to the below listing contents

  • Identity verification
  • VeRO violations
  • Selling poor quality goods
  • Listing disallowed items
  • Selling products which under the trademark category
  • Keeping poor seller performance
  • Risk on tracking the items and location issues
  • Growing too fast

Effects Of eBay Restriction

eBay restriction is somewhat better than the eBay suspension.

In the time of eBay restriction, the eBay sellers were allowed to use their eBay account but only with  certain limitations. 

The limitations in the eBay restrictions are 

  • Downgrading your listings in  search results
  • Limiting your ability to list more items
  • Lowering your store level to basic


Effects Of eBay Suspension

Once the eBay suspension occurs there you will get the warning message in your registered email id says

eBay suspension will usually be 7 days, 10 days, 30 days, or life long (it is the worst case which makes you lose all of the privileges).

In those periods you have only limited access to your eBay account. While   that time you won’t be able to contact other ebayers, your customers, not to reply to the questions/feedback, not able to bid, not able to buy & sell.

Until the suspension period is over, you won't be able to use your eBay account 

In order to favor you eBay also recommend some steps to reinstate your eBay account.

And after the suspension period ends, there you automatically get all the  privileges restored.

How To Get Back Into eBay Sales?

The recovery of your suspended eBay account is like a finger crossed state

Depends on the type of suspension and  individual circumstances the eBay will relax your suspension period and get back your account

If your eBay account is suspended for identity checks, there you can expect the account back with a phone call

If your subjected with  temporary suspension such as a 3 day, 7 day or 30 day VeRO ban, there you have an option to appeal and get back your account

In case if your account suspends for the reason of infringement of the eBay norms then you will never expect your account to return back.

Also you can make a call directly to eBay  at 1-866-540-3229 and ask them about the ways to resolve the outstanding issues on your eBay account.

Alternatively you can also choose eBay stealth accounts

eBay stealth accounts are nothing but the eBay accounts which is readily  available in the marketplace 

An eBay stealth account is an entirely new account created using a new name, address, and even a new IP address.

It act as a second identity for the eBay sellers who are suspended by eBay suspension/restriction

And we agedebayaccounts is one among the eBay stealth account providers in the eBay marketplace

Where we offer both the new stealth account and aged eBay stealth account 

If your business is in US and UK then we have great deal for you, yes we specialised in US stealth account and UK stealth account 

All the stealth account we provided are created under individual identity which has the tendency to keep you safe from the eBay suspension/restriction issues

For more information you can  reach us at any time on https://www.agedebayaccounts.com/  or Feel free to discuss more with our experts on skype/mail chat at admin@agedebayaccounts.com or call us at +1(480) 637-7566

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