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How eBay Stealth Account Increases The Preferences Of eBay Sellers

Posted by Robert Williams on

How eBay Stealth Account Increases The Preferences Of eBay Sellers

eBay after its arrival in 1995 the online auction website becomes a fancy market for the online shoppers


People used eBay online marketplace for buying and selling things that take place via the bidding process online. 

You can purchase appliances, computers, decors, equipment, collectibles,shoes, furnishings, domain names, vehicles,furnishings, apparel, jewelry and more for the eBay store.

In the eBay store apart from the collections, you have multiple price ranges to select. 

eBay likes to ensure a safe payment in the process of online shopping for the purchasers. And tie up with the payment provider PayPal for its transaction service.

Even tough this marketplace gain huge traffic but since it face struggles by the sellers who always disobey its terms and conditions

As being an eBay seller if you want to do regular sales without the interruption from eBay suspension and restriction then familiarize yourself with is terms and conditions

How eBay Give Preference For eBay Sellers

With the three most important features eBay give the preferences for its sellers, they are: 

  • No Of User Feedback, 
  • Security Center
  • Bidding Histories. 

eBay User’s Feedback

eBay determines the user standard based on the feedback. 

It gives preferences for the sellers who have a large number of feedback and this calculation is used to fix the eBay sellers rating feedback allows the previous buyers to comment on their buying experience with the eBay seller. 

Comments can range from “great service and quick response time” to “products were of poor quality” and more. 

If your eBay product receive Positive Ranking- It increase eBay sellers rating to 1%

If your eBay product receive Negative Ranking- It decrease eBay sellers rating by 1%

If your eBay product receive  Neutral Ranking- No change occurs in the eBay sellers rating

Security Centre

eBay security centre feature is nothing but the ebay search algorithm

This feature designed to record the activities of each ebay seller individually

If find any ebay seller doing unwanted activities then it suspends the user to login to its own account. 

Bidding History 

The Bidding History shows which auction  bidder has bid so that everything is public knowledge.

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