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Read Here The Tips On How To Keep You Safe On eBay

Posted by Robert Williams on

Read Here The Tips On How To Keep You Safe On eBay

eBay, a popular online auction site, is considered a great platform to buy and sell things and also a suitable platform to bargain. 

Daily hundreds of new buyers and sellers invade into this platform, which makes this platform to be loaded with huge competition also it being a gateway to the scammers to get easily invaded.

Be sure and always stay aware of these scammers. We all know someone who’s purchased something on eBay only for the goods never to arrive, potentially leaving them out of pocket.

The sellers feel too risk in this platform, the issue incurs to them in the case of someone buying the item and if their account can be easily hacked via the phishing email which encourages them to enter their username and password into a hoax site, this allows the hackers to get access to your buyers account and if the buyer account is hacked, that will create a negativity on the sellers identity.

To overcome this, ask your buyers to choose the PayPal platform to the money transfer service. This will protect your buyers from the victims of scams

Below Listed Five Steps Which Keeps Your eBay account For Sale From Hackers

Make Use Of Only PayPal Platform: 

Be sure to buy or send payment via PayPal. 

Never prefere on the sellers or buyers those who want to do separate bank transfers or use the other money transfer service like Moneygram, or Western Union. 

Because these money transfer services are not eligible in the eBay term's to get your Money Back Guarantee, also this will make you struggle to get your money back. 

An important note to the sellers, yup they have to check their PayPal account that the payment for the order is received or not.

Sellers should never deliver the item before they receive the payment, if you follow up with this, there you can avoid the fake payment emails.

Deliver Goods Only Via Traceable Postal Service

If the sellers deliver the goods via the traceable postal service like the  Royal Mail or another courier.

And also it is a mentioned way of transfer under Paypal's Seller Protection Policy.

This will act as a proof of delivery to the buyer and seller and both can track the order status.

This will also avoid the account thefts while using the debit card and the credit card.

Secure Your Sale With Protective Passwords

Input a secure password both to your eBay and PayPal account.

Keep the password to be hard and not found by anyone. Never use personal details as your password and make sure that your password is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters.

Be aware of phishing scams

If you receive an email like eBay or PayPal and ask you to log in to your account, then think for a while and open a web browser and type the web address yourself. 

Never click on any links in that  email. 

Also look for the email address from where it has come and do compare it to previous emails you received from eBay and PayPal 

Double check whether is it from the same address or from a different address? Also look for typos, such as @ebya.co.uk in the email addresses and well as grammar and typos in the body of the email. 

Don't Fall Onto Scammer Listings

If you're a buyer, and want to purchase an item from the listing which is stated as too cheap then don't rush in purchase, be slow and do a comparative price check for the same product with other sellers.

This will protect you safe from the scammer listings.

State The Reason To Cancel On Your Bids

If you’re a seller and feel that your bild  seems to be too high or the buyer won and refuses to pay then don't waste your time on going behind that buyer.

Just cancel the bid by heading to the Cancelling Bids page. Also don't forget to state the valid reason on why you canceled on the bid.

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