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Tips To Improve Your Customer Service On eBay

Posted by Robert Williams on

Tips To Improve Your Customer Service On eBay

eBay is the second largest online retail platform. And it strongly believes customer service is the backbone to increase the businesses- customer retention/conversion rate/ revenue. 

If you are eager to become a top rated seller then do build a strong business plan which will help you at every stage of your eBay account for sale. 

The business plan will help you to enforce yourself to place on the right path and right place. Both these two activities help you to acquire worthy new customers and the  returning customers to your eBay account.

SHINE Award winner Ciara Brown shared her top tip for success,“ Good Customer service”- Yes it absolutely made me become number one,” Ciara said. “Always do right by the customer. Even if it means you have to take a loss. Long term, it pays off.”

She also enclosed the most important tip on developing the customer service plan. The long view plan will build a strong reputation on you and it will help you to stand out, unique from the crowded compettiton 

More in details- let's have a look at three best practices that help you to acquire good customer service.

1) Everytime Be Acknowledged & Stay As A pillar To Your Customer.

Be active with your customer. And always  keep a record with all your chat communication with the customer. Acknowledge your customer with the words of , ‘I hear you, and I want to help you find a solution’ and this will show you as more responsive among the customers

The Immediate response from your side will build a great trust on you and this will ideal you from the competitors. 

Generally customers will reach out to you in any one of these two ways on eBay: One is via the direct message or other way is via the phone calls before and after the sale. 

Try to manage your Q&A for buyers to enable both  the direct message and the phone calls.

Maintained all the communications with customers on eBay, there it will protect you and efficiently sort out any issues that may pop up during the transaction relationship.


  1. Try To Find The Pain Points Of Your Customers.

 If you find the way to know about your customer pain points, then 70% of the issue will be resolved and you can easily find the way to get the customer satisfaction. 

The following details, where the customer feels inconvenience are listed below.

Make sure your listings  description and images clear and easy to read.

Make sure of packaging- whether the item inputted to delivery is in safe condition? Make sure about the next action  if your items are returned from the customers?

Make sure about  your listing accuracy?

Make sure that your listing is uploaded with 12 photos or not ?.

If you want to retain a professional look in all your shippings then make use of  eBay shipping supplies. It is an easy way to make your package secure and professional. 

You can also add handwritten notes on the packages, this will keep you reminded for a long time to your customers.


  1. Deliver Your Solutions Fast.  

To maintain the good reputation of your customers, try to dispatch their orders as soon as possible and also provide your customers with a tracking facility, which enables them to track on their orders.

These qualities will provide a consistent, high-quality experience to each of your customers.

Always respond to the customer queries as fast as. If you don't have time at that moment, then keep a reminder to answer it back after some time. 

Also allow the automatic acceptance of some returns to streamline the process.

Learn more about customizing and optimizing returns here.

In the online retail environment obviously, you will get the ebay account with feedback - positive and  the negative feedback, if you got such feedback then don't panic and reply to the comment as flexible in your answers.

Think always the customers are like the mirror and behave the way as what they receive. Even if a customer is heated, in that place don't shout at them back, be polite and listen to the anger there. You will find the best solution to satisfy them.


Once you’ve started implementing these customer service best practices, you’ll be on your way to taking your business to the next level, and building the foundation that leads to business longevity.  

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