Uplift eBay Selling Limits Instantly With Stealth Account Solutions

In this blog we’re going to discuss, and guide the ebay sellers on how they can uplift their ebay selling limits instantly with best stealth account solutions? Hope this will energize the sellers to scale up their revenue.

Let’s discuss what the eBay selling limits are and how to uplift your business with the eBay selling limits.

Ebay selling limits

These selling limits are set up by the ebay search engine algorithm to give equal chance of selling to every top rated ebay seller.

It consider three factors before fixing on the ebay selling limits, they are

The first factor is related to the account Based

The second factor is related to the Item Based

The third factor is related to the Category Based

These factors are the determining roots to fix on each ebay seller’s account limits, and it’s very obvious these limits differ by sellers and the best limits can ease to scale up their business and the low selling limits sellers suffer a lot on not doing more sales.

Here comes a question to you, how will the new ebay seller be affected with these factors?

In general the new ebay sellers account have the first 90 days restriction, meanwhile the seller is not able to increase their selling limits.

Also the same criteria follows up with the seller who failed to maintain best selling standards and the performance standards.

How is the selling standard determined?

The standard is based on the how much items you sell, how much your detailed seller ratings and how much is your eBay feedback score

Also these standards based on your allowances of account based, category and item based.Lets discuss one by one one on this

Account Based Allowances

These allowances are based on your general activity and account status. 

If you’re a new ebay seller then ebay allow you to list only 10 items per month 

And allows you to do sales only £650 

And the old ebay sellers account allowances based on their

Ebay account performance 

eBay account feedback score

eBay account Detailed sellers ratings

It track the records based on it decide on the sellers standards

And if you feel that you have enough ebay standards and still find your limits not yet increased then you can directly claim to ebay to increase your ebay selling limits.

The detailed study about the minimum sellers ratings requirement

Percentage of 1 and 2 ratings:

Item as described – 1%

Communication – 2%

Dispatch time – 2%

Postage & packaging charges – 2%

And the maximum detailed sellers ratings requirements are:

Item as described – 3

Communication – 3

Dispatch time – 3

Postage & packaging charges – 3

eBay algorithms all the time monitor the sellers activities and it tracks on the positive, negative or neutral feedback that you received in the ebay sellers account, and if you’re performing well then it doesn’t matter, instead if you fail to meet the required standard, then ebay limits your account.

Another important factor threatens every sellers is to get their account verified, i.e., the verified ebay account.

If you want to get the verified ebay account, then you must have to properly submit all original records to ebay platform and if any modification is acquired in future, then it must update it to ebay records.

Second is the Category Based Allowances

Never sell different items under a single category, it will confuse ebay algorithms and it will never bring up your item in its top search results.

Instead place relevant items in a separate category, which is easy for ebay algorithms to catch up your items in the search results.

Always establish the positive selling history to your customers

Third is the Item Based Allowances:

If you are selling items which have defects, cases of counterfeit or unauthorized goods then restrictions fall on to your items, in order to avoid this always produce a good selling history to the customers.

Do sell 100% efficient items on your listings and never sell the worthless items and this brings you 100% legitimate and thrust in front of your customers.

Hope you enjoyed reading, but our title itself we stated on how to uplift your ebay selling limits instantly with the best stealth account solutions.

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