What are eBay stealth accounts and Why do ebay sellers need to scale up the business?

What are eBay stealth accounts and Why do ebay sellers need to scale up the business
What are eBay stealth accounts and Why do ebay sellers need to scale up the business

What is an eBay stealth account? Why do sellers need eBay stealth account in the sales place? 

Are you the ebay seller who do familiar with the frustrating situation in which your eBay store is suspended or restricted, and leaving it while on stuck, then this blog is for you

Connected Accounts 

Connected ebay accounts are accounts for which, in the event of one account’s suspension, all other eBay accounts will follow suit. 

All of these accounts have the same name, address, PayPal account, and other details because they are linked.

eBay will recognize and link these details, even if only one of them is identical.

All of the accounts will also be suspended if one of them is taken down. Additionally, you are unable to upload the same item to any other linked eBay accounts.

What are Stealth Accounts on eBay?

Ebay accounts that are not linked are known as stealth account

To put it another way, each account uses a different browser, uses a different IP address, and has a different name. It indicates that these accounts are not associated with the same individual.

In this article, I want to demonstrate two reasons why Stealth account are essential to the expansion of your eBay business.

Therefore, the primary reason is that you can duplicate successful listings. You can, for instance, duplicate one of your listings using other stealth accounts if one of your listings is successful for one of your stores. 

Thus allowing you to profit from both accounts. You will be able to climb to the top of eBay’s search results in this manner. all with the same item, but from different retailers.

The second reason is that if one of your eBay stealth account is suspended, you can continue working on other accounts and move them forward. 

It means that even if one of your ebay accounts is suspended, you could still earn money from the other one, so you will never run out of money or work.

Therefore, these are the two main reasons to use an eBay stealth account.

However, these accounts can be linked if you are not using the stealth account appropriately.

For instance, multiple stealth account with duplicate listings.

Always work with linked accounts and some stealth accounts, as we prefer to say

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