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What Are The Benefits Of eBay Managed Payment Account

Posted by Robert Williams on

What Are The Benefits Of eBay Managed Payment Account

Hi readers!!! Here we get ready to discuss on the ebay managed payment account and what is the benefit of getting this account to both the US ebay sellers account  and Uk ebay sellers account and how these accounts help to increase the ebay account for sale.

eBay Managed Payment

ebay managed payment account first launched on September 25, 2018. while in starting stage eBay planned to allow only a limited number of eBay sellers to get into this program, but later it expand this program due to this huge awareness among its customers

What is an ebay managed payment account?

It is nothing but the accounts which allow both its buyers and sellers to get paid at one place. As a buyer  you have an option to get it paid with credit or debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, all while being protected by eBay.

And as the sellers can receive their eBay managed payments, payouts with their registered bank account.

ebay managed payment system has the scheduling feature which enables the sellers to schedule their funds in the manner of daily or weekly. 

The payouts initiated through the eBay managed payment account are reached out within 2 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays) of order confirmation.

Additionally the eBay managed payment account has the refund facility. 

If you want to get refund then you have to choose a reason for the refund and have to specify a refund amount at the item or order level and enter the desired refund amount, select the Send refund option. 

Benefits Of Having eBay Managed Payment Accounts

Lower Fees 

eBay's use to charge the fees through the ebay managed payment account is always lower when compared to PayPal's platform. 

eBay managed payments will be user friendly to you both in spending and saving your money..

If you sell an ebay product/ service with a selling price of $100 or higher, you pay no fees beyond the $0.30 per-order fee. But in PayPal, you have to pay your normal payment processing fees.

Easy Way to Accept Payouts Via Credit & Debit, keep a note that eBay accepts the debit cards and other cards only via the ebay managed payment account.In Spite of this progress you can effortlessly use your credit and debit cards 

ebay managed payment account allows your buyers to directly deposit your money into your checking account and also initiates your transaction within two days.

below listed the Various Payment Methods that enrolled out in the eBay managed payment accounts are:

PayPal & PayPal Credit.

Credit & debit.

Gift cards.

Apple Pay.

Google Pay.

eBay also allows you to access the other standard payment options, like cash on pickup.

Lower Buyer Reluctance

New buyers will be able to use their cards to make out their payouts and they is no need to create the separate PayPal account for them to make on transactions

This will create a great experience for the first-time eBay shoppers to buyers.

Simpler Payments and Dispute Resolution

You can easily manage all our payments at one place: eBay. It acts like ChannelReply, but for payments instead of messaging.

eBay Managed payment account options save you from dealing with the complex relationship of PayPal Purchase Protection and the eBay Money Back Guarantee. 

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