What Is An ebay Promotions Manager?

What Is An ebay Promotions Manager?
What Is An ebay Promotions Manager?

If you’re an eBay seller looking to increase your sales and attract more buyers, you should consider using eBay’s Promotions Manager

You can personalize discounts and promotions for your eBay listings with this tool, which can help you stand out from other sellers and encourage buyers to buy.

You can use eBay’s Promotions Manager to increase sales in the following ways:

Create a promotion 

To begin using Promotions Manager, go to the “Marketing” tab in your eBay seller account. Click “Create a Promotion” and then “Promotions Manager” from there.

You will be asked to choose the kind of promotion that you want to make. 

There are a few choices available on eBay, such as order discounts: When a buyer meets certain criteria, such as spending a minimum amount or purchasing multiple items, you can offer a percentage or dollar amount off their entire purchase.

Shipping reductions:

Offer free or discounted shipping to customers who spend a certain amount or buy multiple items.

Coupons with no code:

Create a discount that customers can redeem automatically without having to enter a coupon code.

Customize your promotion

You can customize the details of your promotion once you have chosen the type you want to create.

You can, for instance, specify the discount percentage or dollar amount, the minimum purchase amount, and the categories or items that are eligible for the discount when creating an order discount.

You also have the option of offering the promotion to all customers or restricting it to specific groups, such as customers who have previously purchased from you or who have signed up for your newsletter.

Launch your promotion

You can launch your promotion by clicking “Launch Promotion” after you have created and customized it.

After that, buyers will be able to take advantage of your promotion when they make a purchase from your eBay listings.

You can monitor how well your promotion is doing and adjust as necessary to get the best results.


You must have an eBay seller account and have been selling for at least 90 days before you can use Promotions Manager.

Vehicles and real estate are two examples of products that are not eligible for promotions.


Using Promotions Manager to create a promotion is free, but you are responsible for any discounts or promotions you offer to customers.

For instance, if you offer a discount of 10% on an order and a customer buys a $100 item, you will be responsible for covering the discount of $10.


When you use Promotions Manager to create a promotion, it will appear in search results and on your eBay listings. 

In order to help increase your promotion’s visibility to potential buyers, eBay may also promote it through network error emails or other marketing channels.


Because the Promotions Manager on eBay is highly customizable, you can create promotions that are tailored to your particular business requirements. 

You can, for instance, design a promotion that is only available to customers who have previously purchased from you or that is restricted to a specific set of products or categories.

Performance Measuring:

Through Promotions Manager, you can monitor how well your promotions are doing, such as the number of times people look at them, the number of times they use them, and the total amount of sales they bring in.

You can use this data to optimize your results and make educated decisions about future promotions.

Overall, eBay’s Promotions Manager can be a useful tool for sellers who want to sell more and get more customers.

You can set yourself apart from other sellers and encourage customers to buy by creating individualized discounts and promotions.

In addition, you can optimize your results over time and tailor your promotions to your particular business requirements with extensive tracking and customization options.

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