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Which Online Marketplace Is Best For The Sellers

Posted by Robert Williams on

Which Online Marketplace Is Best For The Sellers

Are you going to start selling on an online marketplace?

And Confused about which platform is best to start?

Here we would like to provide you the best online selling sites comparison and hope this will be a reference for you to decide over 

What is an online marketplace?

Online marketplace is the place which offers for the multiple vendors to sell their products. 

The sellers can gain better visibility, more streamlined process in the online marketplace and this reason is influenced by the customers who don’t know about a brand but need the product.

Top Selling online selling marketplace

  • Amazon 
  • eBay 
  • Etsy 
  • AliExpress
  • Walmart
  • Instagram

Yes Instagram Shop feature, emerging as a great online marketplace to carry over.

In this blog lets we start to compare the top three online auction site


Amazon has consistently ranked one amongst all online marketplaces. 

Buyers have more attraction in the amazon platform and this urges many sellers to get into this marketplace.

But this platform bind up with huge Competition and this suffers sellers to high on the sit.

If you want to stand out here unique and improve on your traction,there you might just never need another sales channel to keep growing.

Amazon charges a high listing fee for all the products listed, and every product sold. 

FBA fees- run very high too, makes it a losing venture for some retailers.

Amazon does not provide you the buyer database in any form so that as a seller you never have the continuity with your buyers.


eBay while compared to the last two decades gains billions of users and it has a markedly made a high presence around the globe.

eBay is undoubtedly an online marketplace worth building brand presence and gaining huge traffic to its customers.

In the user point of vieweBay platform is very easy to list products by its customers, even a non techie individual can easily list on ebay.

Viewing inventory on eBay is very intuitive and easy to use. 

While we compared to the retailer point of view eBay being the best example of a plug-and-play marketplace that can be set up in a matter of hours.

eBay is overwhelmed with the customers from all over the country who swear by its products and service quality. 

You can get millions of customer views by shooting listings on your products.

eBay has a 180-day return policy, something that most other marketplaces do not. 

And ebay charges less listing fees while compared to Amazon and also as like amazon ebay also gain trust, publicity from the public and this turns the heads of the sellers to launch their listing on eBay.

Ebay does provide the buyer details to the sellers and there the seller can get in touch with the customers further after the purchase also.


Etsy is a platform that suits only those customers who look for handmade goods from around the world.

If you don’t need warehousing to be taken care of by Amazon, Etsy is definitely cheaper than FBA.

It targets the People who come to Etsy to know what to expect. As a result, it failed to gain the visibility of the customers , all around the world.

Etsy’s listing and selling fees are comparable to eBay. But the main issue here is heavy Competition. 

Customization is also poor on Etsy, Standing out and building a brand can be extremely hard when selling on Etsy.


When compared to the all above three platforms , eBay wins the crown in the point of low selling fees and best in customization feature and easy to get build trust from the buyers for your products/services listing.

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