Why Do eBay Seller Struck With The Selling Limits

Why Do eBay Seller Struck With The Selling Limits
Why Do eBay Seller Struck With The Selling Limits

In this blog we are going to discuss why do the eBay sellers struck with the selling limits and how to secure the account from spamming

Nowadays opening an online account is very simple and doing transaction via is more comfortable and this attracts many traditional sellers to switch on the business into online and here comes both Amazon and ebay are the top giants to uphold the top position in the online marketplace.

Ebay Account

Opening, an ebay account is well simple 

For the user convenience ebay allowed it’s sellers to open the ebay business account or the ebay personal account via using their own gmail account, apple account, facebook id

Based on your business requirements you can open any one of the ebay business account or the ebay personal account.

For part time selling / casually selling the sellers like to buy personal eBay account for sale. 

The passionate and full time sellers would love this platform and buy eBay business account, with this business account the seller can easily make sales of your items in large quantities, also they use the business ebay account for reselling the products..

There you have a chance to convert your ebay personal account into an ebay business account. 

To do this you have to upgrade your personal account to a business account, also it is not possible to revert back your business ebay account in to a personal ebay account.

Ebay sellers selling limits

Ebay is loaded with sellers, and in turn it has to fulfill each seller’s expectations, sales.

To overcome the competition every seller is struggling a lot.

The first struggle comes with the selling limits.

Yep ebay restrict new ebay sellers account holders only with limited amount of sales

There the seller is not supposed to do more sales beyond the restricted limits.

This limit is supposed on the sellers, in order to check out their standards.

If you want to maintain that, first you have to completely get the knowledge about the ebay terms and conditions.

In sales motto never try to open a second ebay account with previous submitted datas.

It will easily find out by the ebay algorithm and make sellers account to be suspended.

This scenario happens in many sellers’ lives and it is unavoidable in the seller’s journey.

To overcome this, open your second eBay account with a different email id, name, address, mobile number, and never use the same system which was used prior to  the first ebay account (even the same IP address also caught by ebay algorithm), bank account.

In case if ebay detects your second ebay business account and there it suspends your account immediately and this suppose to lost all their previous  bidding and the transactions history

And the second pain point here is the seller has to wait for 60 days to move an email address from one eBay account to another, in these mid days the ebay account seller is not supposed to do trade.

This waiting time to increase the selling limits and the ebay suspension makes every seller search to buy second ebay account from the top rated stealth account sellers.

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To the pain points, We deliver the right solution of Old ebay account.

Our old US ebay account products come in four different packages. as per your requirement the UK ebay seller can choose their package

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All our aged UK ebay account are created under the identities of different individuals , which keep your buy UK ebay account for sale from multiple UK ebay account policies.

We ensure that ebay account for sale UK packages from our portal are more trustworthy and also we assure that your buy UK ebay account from us keeps you safe from 21 days paypal free hold.

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