Can I have both the US eBay account & UK ebay account?

Can I have both the US eBay account & UK ebay account
Can I have both the US eBay account & UK ebay account

The fact that sellers can use multiple eBay sellers account which was legally announced by eBay.

It benefits the sellers by allowing them to use multiple eBay accounts for sales.

Additionally, sellers are aware that they must adhere to the policies when selling through multiple eBay accounts.

With this statement, you can get a trustworthy detail that you can use both the US ebay account & UK eBay account in your sales

Benefits of Having More Than One US / UK eBay Account 

eBay sellers can better organize their listings by using separate US ebay account for sale and UK eBay account for sale.

For instance, if a seller wants to sell a specific item in the United States, he can choose to list it on the US eBay sellers account, while if he wants to sell a specific item in the United Kingdom, he can choose to list it on the UK eBay sellers account. Keeping separate accounts for sale on eBay in the United States and the United Kingdom makes it easier to track sales, profitability, and expenses.

Even more importantly, if one of your eBay seller accounts receives an excessive amount of negative feedback in a short period of time, having a backup account will ensure your safety.

Maintaining your eBay feedback score and detailed seller ratings (DSRs) will be easier with this.

Yes, eBay gives preference to users whose accounts contain US ebay account feedback and UK ebay account feedback.

However, you should learn everything you can about using multiple eBay accounts for sales without violating eBay’s terms and conditions.

Get your eBay account listed for sale with the names and addresses of several people.

If your new eBay account is suspended and your old eBay account has not been resolved, eBay’s algorithm is good enough to link the related accounts together. After that, it will attempt to suspend your brand-new eBay account once more.

Cross-references are not allowed:

Cross-references between sellers’ accounts in listings are prohibited by eBay rules, which means that sellers cannot promote one store using another account.

It is possible for sellers to link to items or categories on the same account or within the same store.

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Additionally, having multiple accounts is not at all a remedy for eBay suspension. 

Therefore, once you notice eBay suspension, there should be no attempt to open a new eBay account for sale. Instead, try to analyze the reason for suspension and continue on it, not to repeat it. Buy eBay Account Instantly

You will automatically be eligible for eBay’s top-rated seller status if you are a great seller who provides excellent customer service and fast shipping.

It will undoubtedly take some time for your ebay account for sale to attain top seller status if it is not sufficiently mature to meet these requirements.

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