What Happens When eBay Suspends Your Account

Stealth account
Stealth account

Ebay is an online platform where anyone can sell either seriously or for a hobby. 

If you are the person who does sell for time pass, there as  a seller you are not supposed to feel for your ebay account suspension.

Instead if you are a seller who does sales seriously, then it will be a devastating blow to have your account suspended. 

If you want to avoid such scenarios, it is very important for you to get adequate knowledge about the eBay policies, so that it will protect your account from suspension cases.

Usually ebay puts on hold, restricts, suspends its sellers for many reasons, Although this tragedy happens in your life, then do get frustrated, since there are some excellent steps, which will make you reinstate your selling accounts. 

But here we have to instruct you that there is no chance for you to reinstate your account if it is suspended for ebay policy violations.

Holds vs. Restrictions vs. Suspensions


Hold inspected into your seller account, if you forget about the payment date or using the expired payment methods.

If a hol is implemented against your ebay sellers account, it seems to get reinstated as soon as you update your payment method or settle your unpaid bill.


Restrictions  might be heavier than an eBay account under hold.

The restriction is imposed on your ebay sellers account, when you start selling your items, for instance if your account does not acquire minimum performance standards as a seller. 

If you want to overcome the ebay restriction there as a seller you have to follow eBay’s standards.


eBay Suspensions are the most severe punishment imposed against the ebay seller. 

Ebay usually punishes with suspension on the sellerin the scenarios of those who sell illegal merchandise or engage in hate speech in their selling tactics, this kind of sellers account is easily captured by search engines and put an end to their account as suspension.

What to do when eBay suspends your account

If you are unable to open your ebay sellers account, there you have to first stay calm and acknowledge the details of your ebay account suspension / restriction /hold on why it is done.

You can get the clear details of account punishments – on your registered mail id by ebay.

The following are may be the reasons for ebay punishments

Using the non permitted stock photos 

Using the velcro words in your title.

Not paying fees on time

Payment method is out of date, if you are using the credit card check the expiry date of it carefully

Violation of a policy such as VeRO, which involves intellectual property rights

Listing an item, which is already prohibited on the ebay listing

Recalled items

Selling on unauthorized drugs, alcohol and drug paraphernalia

Selling on blasting materials of weapons or explosives

In some cases eBay will explain exactly what you need to do to when it punishes your ebay sellers account and also it instruct you the easy and simple steps to get reinstated on your accounts

And in other cases, ebay never initiate in the reason , that why your ebay account punishes and how to get reinstate your ebay account from its policy violations

In such cases, there is no other go for you, here you have to call eBay and discuss

You can call them at 1-866-540-3229 and discuss. 

You can ask them why you received the suspension email and the steps to get clear on it. 

Before you make call to the eBay customer service representatives, you have to get in your hands the below stated materials

Your eBay user ID

Open in desktop tab the email id which is  associated with your eBay account

You have to mention them the date of the email

Reference number in the email

Print out of the email for easy reference

How to get reinstate your ebay account into sales instantly

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